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We are, your complete online resource for high-quality, fine water fountains.  We offer the best selection on water fountains your home, office, or resort, and guarantee our prices to be the lowest found on the web.  From modern to traditional styling, we offer so many choices it may seem a bit overwhelming at first.  But we’ve done a few things to make the process as easy and fun as possible for you to find the pieces that will fit your needs and preferences exactly.


A fountain provides more than just a decorative piece for the home or office. Fountains are works of art in and of themselves, and add a soothing psychological feature to any environment in which they are placed. Water fountains also add a sound feature to the spaces in which they're installed which is very relaxing and pleasant.


We offer a broad range of designs for you to choose from. Floor water fountains, tabletop water fountains and also wall water fountains are available at


Water fountains are available in a host of materials. From traditional copper and bronze to cutting-edge resins and acrylics, there is almost endless variety. Each material has its own aesthetic and practical advantages. Some owners prefer the timeless look of copper and some the elegance of slate for their fountain. Others prefer ultra-modern designs which include glass and stainless steel and other very contemporary materials.


We will take care of you so you’re fully satisfied with your purchase.  You work hard for your money and we will work hard for you!  Feel free to contact us anytime, Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM PST.  Or visit our Help Center page for more information.  Have fun discovering the kind of relaxation water fountains can bring to your life!